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Owl Lake soon brings together mountaineering poets and painters

HPD Sokolovac from Požega and their section Ruševo-Buk are having an traditional mountaineering and cultural event on the protected natural landscape Sovsko Lake whit the Meeting of mountaineers poets and painters 2019.

The road of Sovsko Lake to Dilj gora starts at 9 o’clock. It is planned to stop at the rural tourism facilities of the Emić family farm, where breakfast will be prepared for the participants.

The trail is quite demanding and lasts about three hours, so at about 12 o’clock on Sovsko Lake the planned program will begin during which poets will read their verses, and there will be some art works from their own holdings exhibited by mountaineers and painters from Požega and other areas.

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HPD Sokolovac

HPD Sokolovac Požega Croatian Mountaineering Association “Sokolovac” Požega The Croatian Mountaineering Association “Sokolovac” Požega was founded in 1898.  Prior to the establishment of the Požega

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