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The website and the Zagreb association BIO COOPERATIVE CROATIA In 2019, they started activities on the construction of the bicycle park “Diljsko oko” as a tourist eco attraction of the Ruševo bicycle path.

The value of this strategy of the Bicycle Park “Diljsko oko” is multiple, and one of the reasons why we accepted such a demanding job of making this strategic study is the fact that the Municipality of Caglin in the area where the future bicycle park is the poorest municipality in Pozega-Slavonia County.

The development of eco-tourism in the area of Dilj gora and surrounding settlements will be a direct contribution to the demographic renewal of the entire Požega-Slavonia County, which the demographic profession claims has fallen below the level of its revitalization potentials, and for which data from 2011 clearly indicate the reasons why this is the least developed county of Slavonia and Baranja, and thus one of the least developed areas in the whole of Croatia.

Encouraged by all these indicators of accelerated decline and outflow of inhabitants from the area of the once rich and densely populated Ruševo parish, which in 1857 had twice as many inhabitants as live in the local settlements today, we launched our campaign to help the village of Ruševo and its wider surroundings.
Numerous Croatian experts, as well as our friends from the Croatian diaspora who not only have a feeling for the local natural and cultural heritage of the local rural areas, responded to our initiative for the development strategy of the Diljsko oko Cycling Park.

RUŠEVO BICYCLE TRAIL is located in the area between the towns of Slavonski Brod, Đakovo, Našice and Požega, which is popularly called the Heart of Slavonia. This is an ideal area for a bike path since it is set on the slopes of Dilj gora so this bike path is a combination of lowland roads and mountain trails that follow the forests of this area.

This 12-kilometer bike path leads us from the village of Ruševo to Sovsko Lake, which with its position in the central part of Slavonia is a very valuable phenomenon not only in Slavonia but also in the wider Pannonian Plain, looking at it within European regions. Sovsko Lake, which in the tradition of the local population is also called Diljsko oko, is a combination of mythical aesthetics and ecological consciousness. This miniature lake, which we can call the smallest natural lake in the entire Pannonian lowlands hidden between the tall oak and beech forests Dilj gora at an altitude of 430 meters, is unique in its features in the whole of continental Croatia.


In the past decades, this naturalness and originality of Sovsko Lake has become a symbol of the ecological movement for the population of Slavonia and Baranja, which makes up about a fifth of the total population of Croatia. The Ruševo cycling trail is a natural sequence of events in the development of ecological awareness in Croatia, and its construction will provide better visibility of this area for all nature and ecology lovers who will move along the EURO VELLO route 13 in the coming years.

The Ruševo cycling trail has two main values: educational and recreational. In terms of education, this bike path is a link between the natural heritage of continental Croatia and European cycling routes and is a place of education about the rich and diverse natural heritage of this part of Croatia, and as a recreational novelty promotion of healthy lifestyles of the local population and an increasing number of visitors who come from European countries to the areas of Savonia and Baranja.

From all the above, the website will continue to strive in the direction of quality development of the Ruševo cycling route in accordance with the standards of modern European knowledge and skills in the development of bicycle paths and cycling culture of European citizens. And on this occasion, we invite you to visit during the year some of the existing tourist facilities that take place in the area along this bike route that stretches part of the protected landscape of Owl Lake.

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Hrvatske sume Hrvatske šume, limited liability company, is a legal successor of “Hrvatske šume”, public enterprise for forest and woodland management in the Republic of Croatia,

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